Prof. Creativity

Dr. Brandon McFarlane is an educator, researcher, and consultant based in a Toronto, Ontario. He serves as a Professor of Creativity and Creative Thinking at Sheridan, where he instructs courses in the Board Undergraduate Certificate in Creativity and Creative Problem Solving. At Sheridan, he helps art, design, and business students learn the innovation skills they need to thrive in the 21st century.

He applies his expertise on creative problem solving and the creative city through social innovation collaborations with local organizations. A committed citybuilder, Brandon serves on theĀ Toronto Public Art Commission and teaches an innovation workshop for Toronto Fringe's Theatre Entrepreneurs' Networking and Training program.

Brandon co-founded Creativity Gym with Dimitri Kanaris. They met while volunteering as extras for a Canadian Film Centre production being shot at the ildsjel creative collective, and quickly bonded over their passion for creativity, collaboration, and citybuilding.

A headshot of Dr. Brandon McFarlane