Corporate Education

Invest in your organization's human talent by consulting with Dr. Brandon McFarlane to design a custom workshop for your team. With expertise in creative problem solving, collaboration, leadership, and pedagogy, Dr. McFarlane works with clients to identify the skills they want to develop and then crafts a workshop that facilitates those learning objectives. Through resolving hand-ons art, design, and problem solving challenges participants not only develop their skills but have a great time in a fun, social learning environment.

Problem Solving

Enhance your team's ability to problem solve, and invent new products and services.


Build a culture that embraces creativity, collaboration, and risk taking.


Develop your team's leadership and facilitation skills.


Customize the workshop's content and learning objectives to meet your organization's unique needs.


Book a one-, three-, or six-hour workshop that fits in your business's busy schedule.


Host a workshop at your home, business, or the ildsjel creative collective.

I Want to Invest in My Team's Creativity

Email Dr. Brandon McFarlane to share your professional development objectives and schedule a custom-designed innovation workshop.