Creativity Gym

Creativity Gym

Creativity is the lifeblood of the new economy. Thriving businesses and organizations nurture their teams’ creativity to innovate and adapt to rapid change. Creativity Gym is for professionals who are committed to enhancing their innovation skills so they can be the best at what they do.

The workshops are designed by Dr. Brandon McFarlane, a creativity researcher, educator, and consultant. Dr. McFarlane transforms the latest innovation insights into strategies and principles that are easy to apply on the job. The workshops help professionals pump their ability to generate wonderfully new ideas, facilitate collaborative sessions, and lead creative teams.

We jokingly describe our sessions as creative workouts because of the fun, high-energy environment. Professionals learn new strategies and immediately apply them to resolve collaborative challenges. They leave with the exhilaration of inspired innovation.

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Creative Collaboration

Unleash Your Team's Creativity

Creative Collaboration empowers professionals to lead teams that reliably innovate. Groups commonly encounter two challenges that diminish creativity: motivation loss and social anxiety. This workshop equips leaders to overcome these challenges by motivating teammates and producing an environment where collaborators feel safe to share ideas without fear of judgement.

  • build better teams with a knowledge of creative styles
  • facilitate collaborative sessions to boost teammates' creativity and productivity
  • use spontaneity and playfulness to reduce anxiety and inspire creativity
  • coach teammates to encourage long-term improvement

When: Sunday, 22 April 2018, 11-3 PM

Where: ildsjel creative collective, 4 Carlaw Ave, Toronto, Ontario


$75 (including HST, processing fee, and lunch)