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Prof. Creativity’s workshops are fun, collaborative, and impactful. Consult with Dr. Brandon McFarlane to take your team’s creativity and innovation skills to the next level.

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Dr. Brandon McFarlane

I serve as a Professor of Creativity and Creative Thinking at Sheridan where I train the next generation of creative leaders. I founded Prof. Creativity Consulting in 2014 to bring the insights of scholarly research on creativity and innovation to Canadians.


Helping someone become confident in their ability to solve complicated problems with news ideas is an extremely rewarding experience. I have an amazing job: I help people become better at what they do by teaching reliable strategies for deliberate innovation.


I have ten-years experience teaching at the University of Toronto, Brock University, and Sheridan. My hands-on approach has earned outstanding teaching evaluations that significantly outperform institution-wide averages.


I am a social & cultural innovator who collaborates with local not-for-profits to address pertinent challenges. I facilitate strategic planning and the expansion of programming to help collaborators better serve their constituents.


I am leading the creative humanities movement, a new approach to the humanities that promotes a culture of deliberate creativity. I also author the annual omnibus review of Emergent Canadian Fiction for the University of Toronto Quarterly.


Toronto Fringe & TENT

Alexandra Simpson (Animacy Theatre Collective), Brandon McFarlane, Christopher L. Hedrick (Assface), Allan Turner (Assface). Photo by Katelyn Dockeray. 

Had a blast delivering innovation workshops at TENT and Postscript during the Toronto Fringe Festival (July 3-14). Speical thanks to the hilarious clowns featured above for demonstrating some ideation strategies and to my amazing Sheridan collaborators Matthew Wong & Katelyn Dockeray.

Breakthroughs Film Festival

Rosie Daniels (Sheridan) & Aisling Flynn-Post (Sheridan).

Kicked off our collaboration with Breakthroughs Film Festival on June 15 &16. We were very privileged to help deliver this year’s festival, watch some awesome shorts, and learn more about BFF. Special thanks BFF & my team of super-talented Research Assistants Laura Chute, Rosie Daniels, and Aisling Flynn-Post.

Keynote @ Humber

It was a delight to share my passion for teaching creativity at Humber on May 14. I was honoured to deliver a hybrid talk/workshop on integrating creativity nurturing strategies into social science and humanities classrooms. We had a lot of fun and, I suspect, Humber students will have even more to lookfoward to this fall! Special thanks to Professor Prasad Bidaye and Associate Dean Stephen Allen for inviting me to Humber.


Training the Next Generation of Theatre Entrepreneurs 2018-

Principal Investigator

Toronto Fringe runs the Theatre Entrepreneurs’ Networking and Training program (TENT) during the annual festival. For the next two years, I’ll be leading a team of Sheridan & Fringe collaborators to expand TENT and recommend models for sustainability.

Breaking Through Barriers to Gender Inequity in Canadian Film 2018-

Photo: Hilary June Hart, Paige Goodman, Brandon McFarlane

Principal Investigator

I’m leading a team of inspiring Sheridan students who will facilitate the development of a new strategic direction for Breakthroughs Film Festival. We’re thrilled for this opportunity to diminish gender inequity in Canadian film by helping BFF enhance its mandate to support emerging, women filmmakers. A special thank you to Sheridan for awarding a $5,000 SRCA Growth Grant to fund the research collaboration.

Canadian Fiction 2015-

I have the honour of authoring the Omnibus Review of Emergent Fiction for the University of Toronto Quarterly. Each year, I review 60-90 works of new Canadian fiction to celebrate emerging talent and identify new trends.

Creative Colouring Project 2016-17

Principal Investigator

Illustrators: Kristine Villeneuve & Devin Murray

The Creative Colouring Project designed the Sheridan Notebook–an educational tool that synthesizes adult colouring and mindful notetaking. Over 900 copies have been downloaded and over 1000 copies have been distributed to Sheridan students. A page from the Notebook was transformed into an interactive work of art for the debut installation at Sheridan’s Creative Campus Gallery. Thank you Sheridan for awarding a $5,000 SRCA Growth Grant to fund the project. You can download and print a free copy of the Sheridan Notebook via SOURCE.

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